TV Pro Gear designs, engineers and builds tv stations, production studios, flypacks and video trucks. Our clients include NBC, AT&T, Comcast & the US Navy.
Our stages features virtual sets and a kitchen set. Sprinter vans and flypacks are available with up to ten cameras, slow motion and internet streaming.
We provide crew and equipment to shoot multi camera events such as sports, concerts, conferences and religious services worldwide.
We represent over one hundred video and audio equipment manufacturers. Join our Broadcast Buyers Club and purchase at below online prices.
Action Television hired TV Pro Gear to shoot the 11th Annual Dodgeball Championship.
Watch the inventor of the Flypak™, Andrew Maisner, being interviewed at the recent CineGear Convention on the lot at Paramount Studios.
TV Pro Gear is in the process of building and 32' video truck for GISL TV4 in Trinidad.