32/24' Camión OB
De Doble Altura
El camión de Video Producción y Transmisión de TV Pro Gear 30/24 son de 30´a 32´ en longitud de defensa a defensa con un área de caja de trabajo 30/24 la cual es 8 1Ž2 ’ de ancho. Están diseñados para manejar hasta 12 cámaras y puede ser equipado con una antena de microondas o de transmisión satelital.

30/24' Hi-Cube Class OB truck

TV Pro Gear utilizo a Gerling y Asociados para construción su chasis de estantes listos. Gerling y Asociados ha entregado más de 700 chasis camiones de video producción desde su fundación en 1986. Los años de experiencia de TV Pro Gear y Gerling aseguran a nuestros clientes de obtener camiones que resistant else uno constante aún en condiciones severas. Nuestros atención en ajustar, terminals y detalles harán que usted obtenga una unidad que se vea bien, no gotee y esté ergonómicamente correcta.

Los ingenieros de TV Pro Gear trabajan conjuntamente con los ingenieros de Gerling para la creación de los planos CAD de distribución de los vehículos. Además el personal de las compañias técnicas trabajan mano a Mano en el diseño y especificaciones para el HVAC,la distribución eléctrica, bahías de almacenaje, consolas, estántes, micros, pisosy tratamientos del techo. Desde luego durante este process nuestro cliente tiene la decisión final.

Un vehículo con "estantería lista" es aquel que tiene la distribución eléctrica, las consolas para el equipo y los estantes de almacenaje instalados. Una vez que el vehículo está listo con los estantes se complete en la fábrica de Gerling y Asociados en Sunbory, Ohio, después se translada a las instalaciones de Tv Pro Gear en Nueva York o en Los Angeles. Ya instalado ahí los técnicos e ingenieros en cableado instalarán todo el video, audio y equipo de transmisión. Solo se utilizán cables y conectores de la más alta calidad. Todo el cableado está propiamente etiquetado, indicando fuente en ambos extremos, destino y referencia númerica de CAD. Los cables están asegurados y revestidos de acuerdo con los estándares y especificaciones correspondientes a la NASA y el ejercito.

Después de que el equipo es instalado y cableado los ingenieros de Tv Pro Gear ejecutan una Configuración de Sistema en los equipos como el switcher, router, intercom, repetición instántanea y estaciones de cámara base. Posteriormente los ingenieros de control de calidad de Tv Pro Gear comienzan

List of Equipment

Cameras: TV Pro Gear is an authorized dealer or system integrator for Sony, Ikegami, Panasonic, JVC and Hitachi cameras. The cameras are attached to the truck via fiber optic cable. In the OB video truck, remote operation panels enable the shader to match the cameras for brightness and color balance. Up to twelve cameras can be accommodated including robotic.

Recorders: Customers choose from a variety of tapeless recording formats including Sony XD-Cam, AJA Ki Pro or Black Magic SSD.

Switchers: Generally, switchers used in trucks of this size are equipped with either two or three M/E banks with 24 to 36 inputs. Switcher choices are Ross, For-A, Grass Valley and Sony.

Titles/Graphics: For titles and graphics, customers choose from Chyron, Ross or Harris. One or two channels are provided depending on requirements.

Replay/Slow-Motion: Up to ten channels of Instant Replay/Slow-Motion is optional from EVS, Newtek or GVG.

Intercom: TV Pro Gear 30/24 OB video trucks are usually equipped with RTS digital matrix intercoms. Clearcom and Riedel are also available depending on the customer’s preference.

Mixers & Mics: This class of video truck is usually equipped with a Yamaha digital mixer with anywhere from 32 to 64 inputs depending on the intended use of the truck. Digital Audio Cart machines and wireless microphones are standard.

Routing/Distribution: All devices in the OB Video Truck are connected to a 64 X 64 HD-SDI router with control panels at key positions. Most trucks are also equipped with a master sync generator with a GPS antenna for accurate time.

Video Formats: All formats of both standard and high definition can be input or outputted – including component, composite, SDI, HDMI and DVI through an up/down/cross converter. All TV Pro OB video trucks are menu switchable between 1080i and 720p. 1080p is optional.

Internet Encoder: An h.264 encoder is optional for streaming video to the Internet in HD. We install the same encoder used to stream the Olympics and NFL football. So you can be assured your streaming video quality will be second to none.

Power & Backup: The 30/24 OB truck is equipped with battery backup and voltage regulation. The trucks typically draws less than 100 amps. A diesel generator is optional.

Reliability: TV Pro Gear built OB video trucks are made to be as close to fail-safe as humanly possible. Backup systems for critical components are provided. Because of the air-ride suspension and proper HVAC, equipment life is extended.

Ergonomics: TV Pro Gear works closely with Gerling’s designers to insure that all console designs pay close attention to ergonomics. This means sight lines are correct, acoustics are correct and surfaces are pleasing and responsive.

Training: TV Pro Gear OB video truck customers receive in-depth training on all components and the system as a whole. In addition, they are provided with a full set of CAD drawings and manuals (both written and online).

Warranty/Support: Every component in the Flypack and the system as a whole is warranted for 1-year. Extended warranties are available. Our support team is available 24/7.

TV Pro Gear systems are built by a group of perfectionists. We are not happy unless we exceed our customer’s expectations. To get a quote on a system customized to meet your needs, call TV Pro Gear today!

Overall Scale: Chassis and Operations Enclosure

Vehicle Dimensions
  • Operations Enclosure 12’ 6” High x 20 to 24 Long
  • Operations Enclosure 102” Wide
  • Total length including rear bumper and chassis is 30’ to 32’
  • Clearance shall be 12” from front bumper to rear bumper
Chassis Specifications- Requested
  • 260 HP Diesel
  • 33,000 lbs. rear GVWR
  • Allison 25000 Automatic Transmission
  • 45gal. right front fuel tank
  • 33,000 lbs. GVWR
  • 10,000 lbs. front GAWR
  • 4-wheel ABS, hydraulic brake system
  • 10.0R22.5 AS tires
  • Air ride rear suspension
  • AM/FM/CD stereo
  • 50,000 frame yield strength (psi)
  • Right hand drive option
  • Driver bucket seat, passenger two person bench seat
  • Heated fuel/water separator
  • 1250 Amp dual batteries
  • 130 Amp alternator mounted
  • Dual electric horn
  • 4.88 Axle Ratio N/C
  • Hydraulic Brake System w/8.5K Front N/C
  • Two-625 CCA, N/C
  • XL Trim Package N/C
  • Mirrors, Dual Stainless Steel - N/C
Chassis Weight and Axle Loading
  • Overall GVWR 33,000
  • GVWF Front Axle 11,000
  • GVWR Rear Axle 21,000
Body and chassis shall be in compliance with legal weight limits and transportation regulations on all public highways. No special permits shall be required for travel on any public highway.

Vehicle body design and axle placement shall be developed according to Client specifications of all equipment, accessories, and all appointments through use of Gerling’s exclusive CAD-based Weight & Balance logarithmic software. This software is the only weight and balance program in the industry to have the capacity to compute the distribution of weight, using weights of each piece of television production equipment. As this information (rack elevations) is made available to Gerling, final design and axle placement is determined using this software.

Estimated Delivered Weight 22,000 lbs.

Body Construction

Methods and Materials

The mechanical design and construction of the production portion of the unit shall be such that the Client, with proper maintenance, can expect at least 15 years of use.

Shell strength exceeds Department of Transportation requirements of being able to sustain at least 1.5 times overall vehicle weight in the event of rollover or inversion.

All Gerling aluminum-to-steel joints are insulated with High Molecular Density Polymer to prevent corrosion due to galvanic electrolysis. Aluminum skin shall be .090 at bulkheads and sides, continuous, seamless construction.

Fabrication and Construction practices shall utilize proprietary methods of MIG Welding and chemical bonding. Lord 500 Series Acrylic Adhesive shall provide extremely high impact rating and extreme resistance to thermal and chemical stress.

Floor Frame shall incorporate:
  • Twin 4” steel I-beams, configured linearly to securely fasten Operations Enclosure to Chassis Frame Rails.
  • 3” T-6061 Aluminum Alloy I-beams on 16” centers.
  • .125 T-6061 Aluminum sheeting
Wall and Bulkhead Construction shall incorporate:
  • .125”x2”x2” T-6061 Aluminum Alloy square tubing on 16” centers (lengths vary to accommodate roof 45 deg. dish reservoir, door frames)
  • .125”x2”x4” T-6061 Aluminum Alloy square tubing
  • .090” T-6061 Aluminum Sheeting for exterior surface
Corner Construction shall incorporate:
  • .125”x2”x2”x3” beveled T6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy extrusions into which .090 sides and bulkheads shall be inserted, then welded and bonded
  • Extrusions shall incorporate additional 2” x 2” tube aluminum for added support.
  • .125” aluminum formed cap shall cover full height of body corner, providing additional strength and enhancing appearance.
Roof Construction shall incorporate:
  • .125”x2”x4” T-6061 Aluminum Alloy square tubing on 14” centers
  • .125”x2”x4” T-6061 Aluminum Alloy square tubing
  • 5”x2”x ó” C-Channel for roof perimeter
  • .040 Aluminum Sheeting for exterior roof surface
Exterior Finish- Smooth Seamless Automotive Look (no ugly rivets)
  • Full preparation to consist of all caulking, trimming, sanding, etching (zinc chromate chemical etching agent) and all necessary steps to ensure overall aesthetic “as-new” quality for functional life of vehicle
  • 2 coats primer and 1 coats white Aircraft-Grade Acrylic Polyurethane Sikkens or DuPont Emron (Client choice) color and scheme per Client specifications
  • Coverage shall include inside bay doors
  • Body to be undercoated with anti-corrosion agent.
Undercarriage Storage Bays (Belly Bays)

Shall be integrated into the skirting around the perimeter of the vehicle, beneath the chassis frame, such that the body is streamlined. Three Storage Bays shall be provided for each side of vehicle, dependent upon Client needs in terms of size of each Storage Bay. Ground Clearance shall be 12” between cab and axle. Ground Clearance shall be 15” aft of rear axle.

Special Design Features
  • Bay floors shall be of “sweep-out” construction, with no raised edges to pool water or obstruct loading.
  • To include GERLING EXCLUSIVE 3/8” x 4” “Rub Rail” guards that extend ó” laterally beyond the bay doors for protection in cornering situations.
  • To include GERLING EXCLUSIVE 3/8” x 3” x 4” Skid Rail for thorough protection in bottom-out situations.
  • 10-gauge T-6061 Aluminum
  • 2” x 4”aluminum c-channel construction
  • Bay interior to be constructed of .090 Aluminum
  • Aluminum structural integrity exceeds demands of Remote Television Operations
  • 800 lbs. lighter than similar Storage Bays constructed of Stainless Steel.
  • Eberhard with Stainless Steel pan operating by a locking cam-style lever mechanism.
  • Perimeter of each bay door shall seat on 90 degree exterior surface and trimmed in crushable gasket, rendering the bay waterproof.
  • Doors shall be held in the open position by means of gas charged struts; the geometrical positioning of which shall aid in both opening and closing.
  • Hinges to be stainless steel, continuous piano hinges.
Equipment to be permanently stored in Storage Bays shall include:
  • Isolation Transformers to be surrounded by an expanded metal screen, painted safety yellow.
  • Gerling Custom Designed Aluminum Power Frame, which shall contain all power entry panels, tap switches, analog meters, and all other elements of Main Power Control Panel. Rear of frame shall be protected by means of an expanded metal screen painted safety yellow.


Exterior Doors

The vehicle shall have two 32” wide personnel doors with custom aluminum steps. In addition, the vehicle shall have one Custom I-O/Breakout Panel Enclosure Personnel Doors, Entrance Stairs Construction shall incorporate:
  • 2” x 2” x .125” T-6061 Aluminum Alloy square tubing
  • .125 T-6061 Aluminum Alloy skin
  • Reinforcement to prevent bowing shall be gained through use of 5” aluminum hat channel
  • Shall be supplied with Yale panic-bar exit devices and LCN single-action track door closers (with no protruding “elbow” extending into operations interior).
  • Stainless steel plates shall be mounted beneath (hand wear) exit device and at bottom of door (kick wear) to guard against wear upon repeated exits.
  • Doors shall be provided with a separate “travel” latch that keeps the door closed by means of wedges that are driven into receiver holes at top and bottom of door frame; putting latch in travel position crushes gasket around door perimeter, rendering it waterproof for travel.
  • Custom manufacture10-gauge aluminum “Grip Strut” safety grating expanded metal stairs; stairs shall be full width (32”)
  • Personnel Stairs shall be height adjustable by means of knurled knob which shall fix sliding feet. No spring mechanism, which is subject to corrosion, shall be employed.
  • One (1) handrail shall be custom manufactured and provided for each set of stairs; to be constructed of extruded T-6061 Brushed Aluminum Alloy round tubing, .125” wall thickness.
  • All rails, stairs shall be inter-changeable with respect to mounting tabs utilized to fasten stairs to Vehicle.
I/O Panel/Breakout Panel Door

  • Fabricate and install lighted enclosures for audio and video cable bulkheads seated in vehicle exterior.
  • Doors shall be constructed of .125 T-6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Shall consist of dual door construction. The upper shall consist of a lockable, upward hinged door for access to entire panel. The bottom shall consist of a downward hinging door such that it shall be capable of being left open for cable access; though the panel itself is inaccessible should the top door be locked. This enables the panel to be secured, yet allows all exterior cabling to remain connected.
  • Shall for closure employ a Stainless Steel FurgoCar locking cam-style lever mechanism
  • Shall employ gas-charged struts that will keep the door in an open position, and shall be configured geometrically such that these struts will aid in both opening and closing
  • Interior hold-back latch shall be installed to allow partial opening of door for cable access and limited panel access
  • Perimeter of enclosure shall be a recessed flange, with crushable gasket to ensure environmental security
  • Bottom of enclosure between rails and exterior shall be sloped downward to prevent any accumulation of rain or snow when open.
  • Provide and install EIA standard-width rack rails that shall be recessed for environmental protection
  • Provide and install LED 12V DC light; shall automatically shut off when door is closed

Exterior Functional

Leveling System:
  • Provide and install auto leveling HWH hydraulic jack system
  • Capacity 55,000lbs
  • 18” throw
  • 84 sq. in. foot pad
  • Bubble levels at each corner of vehicle
  • Two-speed gear mechanism

Exterior Lighting

Clearance Lighting shall be provided and installed
  • All clearance lights as required by DOT Regulation shall be supplied and installed
  • Any required reflective strips shall be supplied
  • Grote LED Brake Lights, Tail lights, shall be provided and installed
  • All tail lights, reverse lights, brake lights shall be recessed.
Operations Lighting (Strike Lighting)
  • Provide and install seven (7)12v DC Weldon AMB69 recessed strike lights
  • Locate three (3) street side, two (2) rear, three (3) curb side v


General: Layouts included in this document are representative of the scope of the production interior that is to be included in this package Final layout and determination of production area to be designed by Client, TV Pro Gear and Gerling & Associates upon engineering meetings to ensure that Client specifications and particular needs are met.

Interior Frame Construction
  • All interior construction shall be fastened to .125” T-6061 Aluminum Alloy joists and interior members
  • Floor to be constructed of 3/4” feather grade plywood
  • Ceiling to be constructed of 3/8” feather grade plywood
  • Interior Sidewalls and Bulkheads to be constructed of 3/8” Space Age Carbon Fiber Polymer
  • All freestanding interior walls to be constructed of 3/8” exterior grade plywood

Equipment Racks and Consoles

Rack Construction
  • Supply and install 10 to 14, or the quantity deemed necessary resultant of engineering meetings, according to the accepted layout design, custom equipment racks
  • Rack rails shall be constructed of .125” steel tapped front and rear for industry-standard #10-32 rack screws
  • Supply and install AC distribution strips in racks; shall be on individual circuits.
  • Racks to be enclosed at rear; rear access by matching carpet panels. These panels shall be full height and shall require no tools for removal.
Operations Area Construction

Layouts included in this proposal are representative of the scope of the production interior that is to be included in this package Final layout and determination of production area to be designed by Client, TV Pro Gear and Gerling & Associates upon engineering meetings to ensure that Client specifications and particular needs are met.

Supply and appoint main Production Operations Area
  • Supply and install custom specified console racks
  • Custom manufacture main operations desk surface console; with flat mount for video switcher and custom mounting area for character generators/etc. .
  • Includes all appointments as represented by enclosed layout proposals. Final layout and configuration to be determined in engineering meetings with Client
  • Custom manufacture and install all required enclosures and mounts for all equipment associated with ENG/SNG/EFP Operations
  • Custom manufacture and install Oak cabinetry and storage space
  • Cable chase shall be via completely open subfloor, with access panel locations TBD.
Above to be configured in engineering meetings with Client
Fit and Finish

  • All Custom Manufactured Furnishing to be finish grade light oak, custom milled, prepared, and finished Floors covering shall be Dura Step .125” rubber panels, pattern and color to be determined by Client
  • All exposed tabletops and console surfaces covered with 3mm horizontal grade Formica, color to be determined by Client
  • Front edge of all consoles shall be fitted with edging consisting of rounded oak (“bull nosing”)
  • All walls shall be supplied with light oak rub-rail at chair height (29”)
  • Walls shall be covered with Beulieu Mills “AutoTough” Auto/Marine carpeting. Rubber-backed AutoTough carpet provides R1 increase in wall insulation. AutoTough carpet will not “unravel” in the manner of tightloop carpet. Two Tone Scheme shall incorporate Client-selected colors that shall be separated top and bottom by light oak chair rail at 29” height
  • Ceiling shall be Sonex Pyramid Acoustic Foam. Sonex Tiles shall reside in custom Light Oak Ceiling Grid
Interior Lighting

  • All lighting for operations shall consist of dimmable, recessed, aimable WAC lights.
  • Each bank of WAC lights shall be on an individual, dimmable circuit
  • Lighting shall operate on either DC via provided inverter, or shore AC.
  • Provide and install additional fluorescent lighting for rack maintenance
  • Fluorescent lighting shall be provided for setup purposes (12v DC), yet shall be available during operations

Environmental Control

  • Insulation factor on walls of R14 in concert with forced-air Air-Conditioning system shall provide environmentally secure environment
  • Provide and install full thermal insulation on outer walls, floor, doors and ceiling

    1. Insulation to be Blue Dow 2” Owen Corning Polystyrene
    2. Includes continuous vapor seal
    3. PolySeal foam to ensure vapor-tight insular seal

  • Insulation factors as follows: R14 walls, R14 ceiling, R14 floors, R9 doors, and R2 door seals
Air Conditioning

Gerling’s Air Conditioning System feature fresh air quietly ducted directly into the equipment consoles and personnel space. Fresh air shall be supplied to personnel areas and racks via plenum in ceiling, return shall be via sub-floor to ensure circulation directly through equipment racks, such that environmental demands of HPA Equipment will be accommodated. Air plenums shall be designed and installed to provide redundancy should an air conditioning unit fail.
  • Supply and install two (2) 36,000BTU, single-phase operation G-Force 3- Ton Wall mount air conditioning units
  • Consists of dual 36,000 BTU units for redundancy
  • Shall be mounted on front bulkhead of Vehicle
  • Provide full Hot Gas Bypass
  • Full accumulations system
*IMPORTANT NOTE: Gerling’s Exclusive Mobile Environmental Control Package is a forced-air system, as opposed to 12,000BTU rooftop air conditioners that are commonly offered by competitors. Our system results in:
  • More cooling power
  • Less noise than rooftop units
  • No “short cycling” associated with rooftop units
  • Cool air ducted directly into equipment racks
  • No interference with rooftop antenna stowage

G-Force Units shall include integral 5,000-watt heating units

Electrical System

Power Source
  • The Vehicle shall be powered by means of a 150A power source and shall be capable of being powered by means of being tied into a shore power source or by running on the included generator. The generator is a 20kVA Kohler 20CCO generator mounted in such a way as to minimize noise and vibration.
  • System shall provide two completely separate legs of AC; one for Technical that shall power all baseband and RF equipment and a second leg for Environmental that shall power all lighting, air conditioning and heating.
  • The Gerling Power System shall be provided with a changeover mechanism that shall allow the o Environmental and Technical legs to be energized by generator or the Environmental and Technical legs to be energized by shore power
  • Two (2) Heavy-Duty SOLA Isolation Transformers shall be provided and integrated. One15kVA for Technical loads and one 20kVA for Environmental loads
Generator and UPS System
  • Provide one (1) Gerling Stinger mounted generator to include:

    1. 20kW Kohler generator
    2. Critical muffler system
    3. G&A Stinger Series slide out mount or bay integration

  • Provide one 10kVA online UPS system to support designated circuit system supported by 4 group 27 batteries
Power Entrance and Monitoring
  • Analog meters by Yokogawa shall be provided and installed adjacent to the input connectors, monitoring: Amperage; Voltage; Frequency-Cycle
  • Analog meters by Yokogawa shall be provided and installed on panel in vehicle interior, allowing monitoring during operations of: Amperage; Voltage; Frequency-Cycle NOTE: We provide analog meters, as digital meters may not function at extreme temperatures
  • Supply and install two (2) 50' shore power cables

    1. Entertainment rated 200A 600V
    2. Provide and install two (2) 6’ pigtail adapters
    3. Supply and install Cam-lok power input connectors and panel, adjacent to monitoring panel
Transmission and Termination
  • All Electrical wiring to utilize insulated stranded copper wire.
  • All Electrical wiring to be numbered ends and length in strict accordance to “as-built” drawings which shall be provided to the Client
  • All Electrical wiring shall be dressed in accordance with highest industry standards
  • All wire runs shall be routed through EMT and flexible conduit
  • Provide and install Hubbell wall receptacles in Operations Interior
  • Receptacles powered by the Technical leg shall be white in color, and complete with grounding to technical ground system
  • Receptacles powered by the Environmental leg shall be ivory in color.
  • These outlets shall be located in areas specified by the Client in Engineering meetings with Gerling and Associates such that specific Client needs are met
  • Provide and install Hubbell GFI protected weatherproof duplex outlets, location and number to be determined by the Client. To include “Night Service Switch” which shall disable system with the exception of the Low Voltage System.
Low Voltage System
  • A 12V DC system shall be provided and integrated

    1. Power Source for 12v DC shall be two (2) Group 27 deep cycle batteries to be housed in a vented anti-corrosive enclosure.
    2. Provide and integrate IntelliPower 9100 shall be provided and integrated, capable of providing 65A at 12V DC

  • Shall charge the batteries
  • Shall supply the DC loads while power is applied to the vehicle. The DC distribution system will be fully fused and will power:
  • Interior lighting, activated by a mechanical timer located at personnel door such that interior DC powered devices will not be unintentionally left running
  • The strike or set-up lighting system

Other Included Items

10.0 Microwave System (Optional)

Provide and install one 9-52 Wilbert mast system to include:
  • 120V AC compressor system
  • Air handling and lubrication system
  • Nycoil loaded as required
  • Sidewinder PTZ high definition camera with a 35X lens and 360 degree pan
  • Vislink Transmitter

Provide one (1) safety kit to include two ABC type fire extinguishers and one One First aid kit

Provide three (3) Girard DC driven high wind auto retract awning systems to include:
  • Two (2) 18’ x 10’ awnings
  • One (1) 8’ x 10’ rear awning Add $15,725.00
Provide 1 full-length camera platform with fold down OSHA rails with access ladder